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As a versatile printing partner, does Graphius offer you an efficient infrastructure? Without a doubt. Are we working with cutting edge technology? Absolutely! But what makes us truly unique is the fully integrated workflow from order picking to delivery. Each of our 500 professionals makes the most of their expertise by guiding your prints through our process in one smooth motion, with seamless collaboration and communication. The result? Top of the line products.

Premium printing

Luxurious finishes make the difference. Foil blocking, edge printing, blind embossing, special bindings. Graphius Group can do it all.


The possibilities for packaging using folding carton are endless. That is why Graphius Group provides tailor-made solutions.

Wet-glue labels

Coated, uncoated, metallised or even holographic in any format. Labels completely tailored to your needs.


Hardcover, softcover, large coffee table books or small manuals. Graphius Group has everything you need to make it a ‘gem’.


From high-end to simple and budget-friendly. Your dream magazines become reality.

Corporate Print

Catalogues, flyers and leaflets of all kinds. Easy to order online or with extensive order support. The choice is yours.


Hardcover or softcover, the Graphius Group is the place to go for all your comics. Thanks to our site in Paris, you can count on decades of experience.

Our print

Luxury coffee table books, handy leaflets, simple business cards, boxes of all shapes and sizes and wet-strength labels. At Graphius Group, it’s all possible.

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Not sure where to start? Or a concrete plan and looking for a partner? Please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help.