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Sustainable production

The business believes that centralisation, industrialisation, consolidation and vertical integration is the only way to further develop a graphics company in a globalising economy.

Graphius Group’s strong growth is the result of a long-term vision, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

Graphius Group strives for sustainable production

Graphius Group is aware that its activities can affect the environment. Therefore, we deal very strictly with all standards and regulations and try to minimise all negative effects.

Graphius is always investing in sustainable developments and, more specifically, in environmentally friendly production. We do this by making conscious choices in every step of the production process. We invest in high-tech equipment to produce more efficiently and more sustainably.

Transparent communication

In our sustainability report, we report biennially on our operations and on our sustained efforts to increase our positive impact on the environment and on people, and to reduce our negative ones. As a leading player in the graphics sector, we want to play and continue to play a pioneering role. Within our capabilities, we want to make a maximum contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable
Development Goals.

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