Graphius Jobs

a business with a future

Mission and values

A clear mission

Doing business with a purpose

The business believes that centralisation, industrialisation, consolidation and vertical integration is the only way to further develop a graphics company in a globalising economy. Graphius Group’s strong growth is the result of a long-term vision, and a strong commitment to sustainability.



Our ambition is to be a leading producer of printed matter with a strong specialisation in books, catalogues, magazines, labels and folding cartons.



We make targeted investments in innovative applications to respond to tomorrow’s demand.



We believe it is important to keep our financial position healthy, at the same time as providing good opportunities for our employees and suppliers to grow and develop, while caring at all times for the environment.

"We have the ambition to be the leading producer of print products for our sectors."

Denis Geers - CEO Graphius Group

Our vision

We constantly strive to create added value for both our customers and employees, while minimising our environmental impact. This is reflected in the extent of our investment in innovation, and in our daily way of working.


All investments are made with a long-term vision in mind, allowing customers to have an even greater ease of access to the Company’s services.

Graphius Group takes responsibility

Our values

Striving for positive impact

We feel committed to and responsible for everything we do. We know that we must continue, day-to-day, to earn the trust our customers have in us. We recognise that we must be able to deliver what we promise. We therefore always stick to our principles:

  • Only pursue things that are good for employees, the company, customers and the environment

  • Act sincerely, correctly and honestly

  • Respect each other and achieve results together

  • Work towards a long-term vision

  • Create space for the diversity of people