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Concession dispensing newspapers and magazines Belgium: what now?

The press frequently refers to the “newspaper contract,” but the periodicals (magazines) endowed by Bpost are equally subject to this measure.

The current concession remains unchanged until June 30, 2024.
There will be no further use of the “Periodic Rate” from July 1, 2024. The aid will be given in the form of a tax credit (tax rebate), which publishers will have to quantify according to the number of subscribers within certain regions (zip codes).
A limited subsidy will continue from July 01, 2024 for commercial publishers and their subscribers in sparsely populated regions. These are areas with fewer than 225 people per square kilometer. You will find these areas in the dark colored boxes of the map below. For most of Flanders, there will be no subsidy for commercial publishers.

Non-commercial publishers – associations, mutual societies, etc. – will enjoy a tax discount in all of Belgium, including densely populated areas, as of July 01, 2024.

As soon as we receive more information we will issue a more detailed report. Further explanation can be obtained from your commercial contact or order supervisor if necessary.



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